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How to Crate Train Puppy at Night in 3 Simple Ways

How to crate train puppy at night? It requires time and patience. You are trying to help your puppy sleep well in its crate during the night. This experience can be frustrating for you, although your puppy eats well or takes naps in the daytime. Sadly, it does not mean a puppy can sleep in the crate during the night. The below are tips for easy and simple crate training at night for a puppy.

Understanding Why A Puppy Whines or Bark

In the night, you may hear your puppy whines or barks. They make noise in their crate. To solve this problem, you should know why they make the noise. The first reason is distress barking because they are trying to adapt to their new home. You may hear whining, barking, and even howling during the night. A puppy needs some time to adjust to its new place. How to crate train puppy at night allows you to understand this kind of situation. Then, the second reason is demand barking. By making noise, your puppy wishes for your presence and takes it out from its crate. This type of barking can be repetitive.

Besides, they will watch every move you make. So, you have to pay attention when opening the crate and let them out. Make sure you choose the right timing to do this. It is better to wait until they quiet before letting them out. So, it can be a great way to practice a Quiet cue for your puppy. Third, the whining or barking can be a sign of a potty break. They need to go outside for a bathroom break. This case happens mostly to four or five months old puppies. You may get the sign of anxiety or move around the crate. Then, your puppy starts to whine. Of course, you will respond to this kind of noise because you worry that your puppy may have an accident inside the crate. how to crate train puppy at night

Set Pre-Bedtime Activity

You can help your puppy to burn their energy before sleeping. Ask puppies to run and burn the energy to succeed on how to crate train puppies at night. It is also possible to set mental enrichment activities and give them time before bed. Some puppies require activities with high energy, and it enables you to select activities as their physical exercise. Avoid overdoing this physical exercise before their bedtime. In this way, your puppy gets the impact on some burn-energy activities.

Keep Practicing The Crate Training

The process of how to crate train puppies at night should be done positively, and this training can be successful. Through positive training, it allows your puppy to have a secure and happy feeling. It makes them feel safe too while it is inside the crate. Present to the puppy that it is training and not a punishment. Allow them to understand the good thing in doing this crate training. Teach the puppy how to enjoy their time in the crate. Thus, they can easily do it and do not feel isolated.

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