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Train a Puppy to Stop Biting: 5 Tricks to Follow

Train a puppy to stop biting as early as possible. This is because an adult dog that can’t stop biting will be a serious threat to other people, especially kids. Not only that, but a biting adult dog can also be a danger to other pets around it. However, teaching a dog to stop biting can … Continue reading

Train a Puppy to Sit: Simple Tips to Follow

Train a puppy to sit is quite challenging. It is a basic skill that even many old doggies fail to fulfill. Not only tricky but training your puppy this simple command needs consistency, patience, and time. Once you are successful with the training, it will be useful for the entire life of your dog.

Train a Puppy to Come When Called: 4 Easy Tricks to Use

Train a puppy to come? What is the trick?  Well, becoming a new parent for a puppy requires many things to do. Starting from giving the dog a name and making sure that it responds to you when called, there will be a lot of effort needed. It is a basic command that even your … Continue reading

Best Way to House Train a Puppy

Best way to house train a puppy is something that pet lovers must know before bringing a new puppy home. The puppy reacts differently when they are in a new area. They can be excited, exploring the house, or even afraid and hide. The list below shows the best way to train a puppy at … Continue reading

How to Train a Puppy Pitbull

How to train a puppy pitbull is a common question for those who want to have a puppy pitbull at home. It is important to know, so you will have a friendly pitbull. The most important thing is that you can easily control this pet.

How to Potty Train Puppy Fast: The Essential Things

Learn how to potty train puppy fast here. This activity can be challenging and can bring you on some accidents. Once you are successful in doing it, you can feel joyful. After a few days how to potty train puppy fast, your puppy can understand what to do. There are some tricks you should learn before applying this … Continue reading

How to Kennel Train Puppy

If you have a new puppy, you need to know how to kennel train puppy. Kennel or crate training your new puppy will take a lot of time and effort. However, it is a necessary thing that you need to do. Why? Well, simply because you have to let your dog learn the established rules … Continue reading

In Home Dog Training Basic Commands

In home dog training varies a lot in which some basic commands are in it. Training a dog at home is a good thing to do if the purpose is to have a good dog in the future. Of course, as in any form of training, there is some basic stuff to do first. In terms … Continue reading

House Training a Puppy in 5 Days the Simple Ways

House training a puppy in 5 days is a possible thing to do. It is a necessary thing to do for any fresh owner of a puppy. It is a thing not to neglect, or it will lead to problems in the future. Of course, many people will hesitate about getting a puppy to adopt due … Continue reading

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Keys to Success

Positive reinforcement dog training provides any dog a chance to do things with their desire. In other words, it is okay to call it a way to introduce the dog to the reward system. There will be something to earn when the dog does something good. It works within the same principle as teaching kids. … Continue reading