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What Age Start Training Puppy for the Best Result?

At what age start training puppy? This question comes up in our minds, especially when we just bought our first puppy. Without the proper knowledge, it could lead to a problem. If you are too late to do that, your puppy will have bad behavior when it grows big. So, here we have some tips to … Continue reading

Petco Puppy Training Program Online

Petco Puppy Training Online Program is a great source for those who want to train their puppies. They do have a face-to-face program but they also provide you with an online option. And you can still get a certified dog trainer to help you with training.

Puppy House Training in 5 Days

Puppy house training in 5 days is something you have to do if you have a new puppy. The earlier you train the puppy, the better. It prevents the dog from going wild, such as scratching, barking, and urinating anywhere they want. The worst part is that you can’t control them. Check the training you … Continue reading