Best Way to House Train a Puppy

Best way to house train a puppy is something that pet lovers must know before bringing a new puppy home. The puppy reacts differently when they are in a new area. They can be excited, exploring the house, or even afraid and hide. The list below shows the best way to train a puppy at home.

Best Way to House Train a Puppy

Teach Them to Come When You Call Them 

You can teach the puppy to come when you call him or her. Don’t make the training complicated. All you have to do is sitting with the puppies. Then, call his or her name and a recall command. For example, you have a puppy namely Snowy, so you can say “Snowy! Come!” or “Snowy! Here!”. Don’t be upset if they don’t come to you. You even have to give your puppy a treat although they don’t do anything yet. Repeat this training several times. Now, drop a treat near you. Let your puppy enjoy the treat and call his or her name again once they finish eating the treat. Give them another treat if they look up to you. Repeat this training while moving to another place when they do it correctly. It is the simplest and best way to house train a puppy to come when you call him or her.

Teach Them Loose-Leash Walking 

Bring your puppy to your backyard, front yard, or spacious space at home. Make sure that they get used to a leash. Let them see the leash first and gently put it on them. Sometimes, puppies will bite the least because it feels strange. Slowly but sure, your puppy knows that a leash is not something dangerous. Then, stand next to your puppy. Make sure that the leash is in a loose loop. Give your puppy treats in a row anytime they sit or stand next to your leg. Let them follow you when you walk forward. Don’t forget to give treats when your puppy does it correctly. In case they run in front of you, you can turn in the opposite direction. Call your puppy to go back to you. Give them treats once they come to you. It is the best way to house training a puppy before they walk outside. This training is also good if you want to ask them to go without pulling the leash while your puppies sniff around on the walks.

Teach Them to Sit 

Sit is one of the basic commands that your puppy has to master. You can teach this command at home. You only have to stand in front of your puppy. Don’t forget to bring some treats. Wait until your puppy sits. Praise him or her with treats. Repeat this training by encouraging the puppy to stand and sit. Start to say the word sit after a few repetitions. It is the best way to house training a puppy and sit command comfortably and effectively.

You can improve the training when your puppy gets older. The most important thing is that you know the best way to house training a puppy simply and comfortably yet effectively to improve his or her obedience skills.