Best Way to Train A Puppy

Best way to train a puppy is one thing that you should know when you get your first puppy. We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, before it becomes your best friend, you have to train it first to be obedient and loveable. They are animals, anyway. Therefore, the training will turn them into the best pet you can have. So, here, we are going to find more about how to train your puppy effectively.

Teaching about Dominance

The first method of the best way to train a puppy is establishing dominance. It teaches your puppy about you as the pet owner and them as your pet. If you teach this matter to a puppy, it will grow into an obedient dog. They will follow and obey your order, and it also built their loyalty.


The best way to train a puppy to establish dominance is by teaching them to sit, stay, come, and lie down. Those four are the basic command that your puppy must know and understand. Once they follow that, your puppy will be more obedient and easier to order.

Train with Your Body Language

Voice command is just one element of the best way to train a puppy. Add some body language to the training. After you make your puppy understand the body language, they will follow your order much easier. You can train it by using:

  • Hand movement to keep your puppy follow the “Stay” command,
  • Pull your puppy when you take it for a walk to keep it on your side. Make sure you don’t pull it too hard, but enough to restrict your puppy movement,

Give Rewards

A reward is also another best way to train a puppy. When your puppy successfully following your command, reward it. However, you also have to be disciplined to keep your puppy obedient. If they can’t follow your command, give it punishment. However, you can’t use physical punishment for this. Use your voice that tells what your puppy did is wrong.

You can use the best way to train a puppy with reward as follow:

  • If your puppy tries to jump or climb at you, ignore it first,
  • Then, get the reward, which could be your puppy snacks, and give an order, like “Sit” or “Stay”.
  • If your puppy follows the order, give the reward. Otherwise, give the order once more until it follows your order.
  • After that, if your dog keeps jumping at you, ignore it once again.
  • Repeat this process until your dog understands and has a proper manner.


The most important element of the training to make your puppy obedient is preventing them to dominate you, their owner. If you can get your puppy to do that, it will be the best thing you can have for your pet. It will grow into a good dog that follows you and has high loyalty. Now, are you ready to try the best way to train a puppy?