Crate Training Your Puppy the Right Way

Crate training your puppy is beneficial in many ways. It helps a dog to understand the environment that is comfortable to sit in it. It also prevents a dog from doing terrible things at home. One thing to consider at first is that it will not be simple at all. Some people think of it as challenging training to do. Nevertheless, by following the correct steps, the outcome will be a great one. In this case, it is crucial to know all of the right things to do concerning this particular dog training.

The Basic Concept of the Training

The main idea of crate training your puppy is to introduce the dog to a comfort zone. The crate will be the place to do a lot of things that are okay to do. So, never make it a way to punish the dog when it did something wrong in the house. When the training follows the right way, it helps you to leave it at home. It is possible to do that without any worry at all that the dog will misbehave at home.

Things to do for the Training

The first thing to do in crate training your puppy is to choose and introduce it to the dog. The materials of the box can be plastic, fabric, or collapsible metal pens. The size varies a lot accordingly. It is best to choose one that allows the dog to stand up and move around in it freely. Avoid buying a crate that is either too small or too large for the dog. The best way to introduce the box is when the dog is happy and comfortable. Put the box in the living room and put a blanket in it. Place some dog meals there to attract the dog to enter it for the first time.

This step can either be hard or easy, depending on the dog itself. It is pivotal not to force the dog to enter the training box. A successful crate introduction in crate training your puppy is when the dog enters it willingly. Once the dog is okay to be in there, it is time to serve daily meals inside. It is best to talk to the dog in a happy tone of voice while doing it. Opening the door right away after the dog finish eating the meal is a must. Continue the training by waiting longer after the meals to open the door to the crate.

The last step of crate training your puppy is to ensure that the dog sits there comfortably for a long time. If there is no problem when giving the dig meals inside the box, let the dog be in it for longer. To do so, call the dog to enter the trunk and provide some treats. Encourage and praise the dog for sitting there for long. When the dog sits there for at least 30 minutes without any problem, it indicates successful crate training. Afterward, it will be okay to put the dog in there at night or when the owner needs to go out.