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How to Train A Doberman Pup To Be A Guard Dog Like A Pro at Home

How to train a Doberman pup to be a guard dog is some owners asking. They know that this dog is active and they are strong enough to protect houses or people. Do the steps below to train your Doberman to be a strong guard dog.

Walk around the Object or Space the Dog Have to Guard 

Make sure that you put a leash on the Doberman pup. Then, bring them to walk around the object or space you want them to guard. How to train a Doberman pup with this method effectively? The best time is to do this training once in the morning and evening. It makes your Doberman pup think that the area is his territory. Doberman has an instinct to defend their territory.

Put A Long Leash 

Use a long leash during the training. It helps the Doberman to walk around the area comfortably. At the same time, you can use the leash to control the dog when they do something outside the training. It is a simple thing to know, so you know how to train a Doberman pup like a pro.

Start the Training Right Away 

The younger the puppy, the better to do this training. Doberman is the most receptive dog even if they are still puppies. Make them get used to the training and get the result when they grow. Consistency is how to train a Doberman pup to be the best guard dog.

Use the Right Trick to Make the Dog Aggressive 

Don’t use fear to trigger your Doberman to be aggressive. It leads the dog to be a guard dog that loves to bite anyone even if they are not threatening them. The best trick is by using positive reinforcement. Now, you know how to train a Doberman pup to be a guard dog like a professional trainer.

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