How To Train A Puppy Doberman

How to train a puppy Doberman since this breed is active? That’s why training is one of the activities that make this dog happy. So, can you do it at home without an expert trainer? Yes, you can do it. Here are some tips for basic obedience training for a puppy Doberman.


Use their favorite treats in this training. Let your Doberman puppy smell the treat first. Make sure that their mouth can’t reach the treats. Then, hold the treats in your hand above the head of the Doberman puppy. Move your hand backward toward their tail. This action will make your puppy naturally sit because they want to see the treat. Say a word sit once the puppy does a sit position. Give the treats as a reward when they do it. You will see this training when you search for how to train a puppy Doberman.


How To Train A Puppy DobermanHow to train a puppy Doberman after they can sit? The next basic obedience training the Doberman has to learn is to stay. Ask them to sit and make sure that you are standing next to them.

Now, say the word stay. Praise your Doberman with treats if they keep sitting for a few seconds. Never give them treats if they leave the sit position after you ask them to stay. Repeat the training until they can stay for at least 60 seconds.

Walk on a Leash 

basic obedience training for Doberman puppies is important to know when you learn how to train a puppy Doberman. This training helps to control their behavior in public when you bring them to meet people or other dogs. It is also important for Dobermans when they see cars and other things outside. Start the training by walking with the Doberman. Check their direction while walking. Go in the opposite direction if they pull in a certain direction.

The goal is to make your Doberman puppy follow you. That’s why you must give them treats if they walk with you.

New Doberman owners often find the answer to how to train a puppy Doberman. It is because they often think that teaching Doberman is difficult. Make sure that the dog masters basic obedience and slowly improves their training.