How To Train A Puppy Lab

How to train a puppy lab? Make sure that your labrador is at least eight weeks old before learning. It is the age that the labrador is ready to leave their mother. Learn what to do next to train a puppy labrador at home below.

Prepare Toys the Labrador Can Chew 

Labrador puppies love to chew in the first year. That’s why you must prepare toys they can chew before learning how to train a puppy lab. It is not only good for the puppy but also safe for your household items. Let them explore the house once they arrive at your house. Teach them about the food they can eat at home and poisonous plants they can’t eat if there is any.

Take Time with the Lab

Labrador loves to play and socialize with others. That’s why you have to spend your time with them as often as you can. Slowly introduce your new labrador puppy with your older dog if you have it. Feed the older dog first while the lab puppy sees it in a crate. Then, feed the lab puppy. It helps the lab not be too wild when they get older. At the same time, the older dog is being kind to the puppy. Indeed, building a bond is a crucial thing in the early years of how to train a puppy lab successfully.

Start with Basic Obedience Training 

You can start to teach your lab puppy basic obedience earlier if you are looking for how to train a puppy lab. This dog is a quick learner and active. Teach them how to sit, down, stay, and others. Don’t forget to give potty training right away. Take your puppy outside any time they wake up and repeat it every half hour. Use treats so they are motivated to do it.

Your lab puppy will have good manners by only teaching them the three things above. Indeed, you can improve the training to make it a kind dog when they are older. It is also an answer for those who ask how to train a puppy lab once they arrive.