How to Train a Puppy Pitbull

How to train a puppy pitbull is a common question for those who want to have a puppy pitbull at home. It is important to know, so you will have a friendly pitbull. The most important thing is that you can easily control this pet.

How to Train a Puppy Pitbull

The Right Time to Train a Puppy Pitbull 

You need to know the right time to train a puppy pitbull before asking how to train a puppy pitbull. Experts explain that you can start to train your pitbull as early as 8 weeks old. The earlier you train the dog, the better, so they can get used to the commands. Start with simple commands and improve the training when the dog is getting older.

Basic Commands Training

You have to show the puppies that you are the master from the first day you bring them home. So, how to train a puppy pitbull for the first time you have them? Feeding time is one of the best times to train them in several basic commands. Let’s say you can hold their food bowls in your hand. Instead of directly giving the bowl, you can teach them basic commands, such as sit or stay. Praise them by saying good anytime they do the command correctly. Then, put the bowl in front of them, while saying wait. Continue the training by saying OK when the puppy starts to calm. This simple training prevents your pitbull from going crazy during feeding time. The earlier you teach them basic commands, the better. It is a good bridge to the more sophisticated commands and training.

Take Your Puppy Pitbull on Walks 

Teaching something doesn’t mean that you force them to follow your instructions. How to train a puppy pitbull without forcing them? Even taking them on walks is good training. It teaches that they don’t need to be afraid of a leash. Walking outside is good for dogs because they can see many things. You can correct them when they do something wrong, such as excessive barking at people, attacking other dogs, and others. It is also a good time to introduce your puppy pitbull to everyone and everything. Show the puppy that they are safe around the people. This simple training keeps them relaxed and prevents nervousness, anxiety, and even aggressive behavior.

Teach Your Puppy the Basic Recall Command 

A Basic recall is another crucial training for dogs, including puppy pitbull. It teaches your pitbull to come when you call his or her name. How to train a puppy pitbull basic recall command effectively? First, bring them to familiar places. It is useful to keep them away from any new things that distract during the training session. Don’t forget to bring treats or their favorite food. Ask them to sit in a specific spot. Runaway from your pitbull. Then, start to say their names, along with a recall command, such as come or here. Make sure that you take a fun, playful, and inviting tone while saying their names and the recall commands.

They will chase you. Gently touch their collars when the puppies catch up with you. Indeed, reward them or give them a treat because they are doing it correctly. You can repeat this training 10 to 20 times.