In Home Dog Training Basic Commands

In home dog training varies a lot in which some basic commands are in it. Training a dog at home is a good thing to do if the purpose is to have a good dog in the future. Of course, as in any form of training, there is some basic stuff to do first. In terms of dog training, it includes several fundamental commands to teach them. In the end, these commands will come in handy to keep any dog in the proper order at home. So, it is best to teach these commands at first before anything else.

in home dog training

Teaching a dog to sit appropriately is amidst the fundamentals of in home dog training. It is the base for other commands to learn afterward. It takes only patience and some treats for the dog. Hold the treat near the nose of the dog. Move it up a little bit that the head follows the smell. At this point, the bottom of the dog will be low to sit. Once the sitting position is correct, give the treat and positively talk to it. It is as easy as that to teach a dog this command.

The next thing to teach any dog when it comes to in home dog training is to stay. It starts by asking the dog to be in the sitting position. Make a gesture like a high five and tell it to hold the position. Take a few steps back and reward it with a treat if it stays there. Gradually increase the distance in moving backward at a time. In the end, the dog will understand this command to stay at one spot. A dog owner must do this for easier control of the dog at home.

Another simple command for in home dog training is to go down to the floor. If the dog understands the sit and stays commands, it will not be any problem at all. Hold a treat in a closed fist at first. Let the dog sniff it and move it to the ground. Slide the hand with a treat along the surface of the floor for the dog to follow. In the end, the dog will be in a position down to the floor. Give the treat to the dog and share affection to reward it right away.

Asking a dog to come is another simple command to master. It requires a leash and a collar in the first place. Put the leash and collar on the dog and ask it to stay. Next, move away from it within the length of the leash. Ask the dog to come and slightly pull the leash. After several times, it is okay to take off the collar and leash. It is pivotal to reward the dog with some treats afterward. That will help to master this command of in home dog training basic commands. There is nothing difficult at all to do on this matter. Those basics are crucial to go to more complicated training.