Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Keys to Success

Positive reinforcement dog training provides any dog a chance to do things with their desire. In other words, it is okay to call it a way to introduce the dog to the reward system. There will be something to earn when the dog does something good. It works within the same principle as teaching kids. Some parents train their kids to do things by offering rewards in the end. In terms of this particular training for dogs, it is not that straightforward to do. There is no need to be afraid because few things will make it easier along the way.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Things to Prepare

Just before initiating this so-called positive reinforcement dog training, it is better to prepare everything first. Of course, the rewards are the things to have in the first place. Unlike kids, the treats to give to the dog on this training will have to be ready. Food treats are among the things to give to the dog for this matter. On the other hand, toys that the dog can use to have fun playing are also okay to prepare. One thing to remember, the rewards should be irresistible for the dog. If they are easy to get and not so special, the dog may not even want it in the end.

Things to Do

When the treats are ready, it is time to initiate the positive reinforcement dog training. So, in this training, timing is pivotal for its success. The dog needs to get the reward immediately within seconds. The dog manages to successfully do something accordingly, hand over the treat right away to it. It is crucial to do it regularly. Aside from only giving a gift, praise the dog using positive words as well at the same time. That will enhance the effect of this training.

Another crucial thing to do on this positive reinforcement dog training is to tell the others in the house. It is a must for all people at home to do it the same way. That will prevent any confusion in the mind of the dog. More importantly, that will make the training finish quicker. It is a thing to do collectively to reach the best outcome of it. It is okay to reduce the number of treats to give to the dog gradually. Over time, the behavior will become a habit that a reward will not be necessary anymore.

The next thing to pay attention to when doing this positive reinforcement dog training is the behaviors to watch. Some dog owners accidentally end up training their dogs to do awful things with this training. An example of that is to open the door every time the dog barks at the noise outside. That is not a good thing to do. Some of the best times to perform this training include the time before petting, feeding, and letting the dog go outside. One last thing to remember is that consistency is the key to successful dog training of this type.