Puppy House Training in 5 Days

Puppy house training in 5 days is something you have to do if you have a new puppy. The earlier you train the puppy, the better. It prevents the dog from going wild, such as scratching, barking, and urinating anywhere they want. The worst part is that you can’t control them. Check the training you can give to your new puppy below and show that you are their master.

Make Sure the Puppy Knows Their New House and You 

Making your new puppy comfortable and understanding that your house is their new home is a crucial element of puppy house training in 5 days. Let them explore the house and yard. The most important thing is that you must accompany your puppy anywhere they go during the exploration. Show them the place to sleep. That’s why you must prepare a cardboard box or a small kennel that is big enough for the puppy.

Use a high cardboard box or kennel, so the puppy can’t climb out. During the puppy house training in 5 days, you also have to get closer with the puppy every day. Let them see you every day to make sure that you are not their enemy. Show them that you are a new member of their family.

Play and Walk with Your New Puppy

The next puppy house training in 5 days is to show their playing area. You can bring it to the backyard and start to play with the puppy. It is okay to bring treats and give them any time your puppy does something good. Bring your puppy to go outside to explore the surroundings.

Use a leash to control their behavior. A puppy often gets too excited when they find something new. Take your puppy for a final walk at least at 11 pm. It is effective puppy house training in 5 days to ask them to urinate outside the house. You can bring them back to the house after urinating.

Consider Things To Do When the Puppy Wake Up and Sleep 

Bring the puppy outside or to their pads once they wake up. Make sure that they are at the appropriate place before letting them down. Give your puppy their diet and let them play with toys. It will be better if they play with you to strengthen your bonding with the puppy. Bring them to their beds at their bedtimes. Do it continuously during the puppy house training in 5 days.

You can accompany them until they sleep tight. You may put the cardboard box or kennel close to your bed. This trick makes you the first person they see when they wake up. Building a bond is also a crucial thing in puppy house training in 5 days. The stronger your bonding with the puppy, the easier for you to control the puppy when they get older and bigger.

Introduce Your Puppy about Rules 

Bring treats every time you get close to the puppy. Watch over them and give them treats anytime they do good things. Don’t scold them if they make a mistake because they don’t understand it. The effective method is by picking them up immediately to prevent them from making the mistake. Don’t give treats when they make a mistake even if they look cute. Obey your rules, so your puppy will obey you. Do the rules constantly during the puppy house training in 5 days program to make them get used to it.