Puppy Training PetSmart – Everything You Should Know about It

Puppy training petsmart is said to be one of the best dog training programs you can choose. You never heard it before? You don’t have to worry. This article will help you to learn more about puppy training by PetSmart. We hope, after you read this article, you can decide whether you use this training or not. Let’s begin our journey to the PetSmart dog training world.

What is PetSmart Dog Training?

It is a dog training program that was created and provided by PetSmart, one of the largest pet chain stores. This company may be well-known as one of the best pet necessity providers. However, this company is also a certified provider of dog and puppy training. Moreover, the puppy training petsmart also is available at an affordable price. Therefore, many puppy owners love to use it to set the basic training for their puppy, so it can grow into an obedient dog.

Puppy Training PetSmart

How Much Does It Cost?

We said it is an affordable puppy training program. So, how much money should you prepare to purchase puppy training petsmart? The training program fee for your puppy is $119. This training program takes 6 weeks with several classes and programs. The period, as well as the prices, is also applicable for all kinds of dog and puppy training programs from PetSmart. From our point of view, this price is quite affordable.

The $119 is the price for the group training for your puppy. If we calculate the cost you should pay per hour, you will need to prepare around $15-$30 per hour. Other than the group training, you also can take the private class for puppy training petsmart. As for the private training, you need to pay around $89 per hour.

PetSmart also provides various lessons for puppies and dogs. If you didn’t know which lesson you should take for your puppy, PetSmart also provides 15 minutes of free consultation. You can talk with the expert in dog training and the training to see which class your puppy should enter. Of course, they will recommend puppy training petsmart for you if you only have a puppy (5 weeks – 10 months old).

The Training Structure

The puppy training petsmart class usually takes around one hour to finish. And, within this one hour, you and your puppy will do many things, for example:

·        The first 5-10 minutes – is the introduction part. The trainer will give you an explanation about the lesson, give you an example with their dog, and you can learn to practice it with your puppy.

·        Next 10 minutes – you will try the lesson with your puppy in the training room,

·        Next 20 minutes – you have a chance to take your puppy to the other part of the PetSmart building for more space, where you can try the training program. The trainer will periodically check each dog owner to guide and help them.

·        Next 15 minutes – you and your puppy return to the training room for another extra training or more explanation about the current lesson.

·        Last 5 minutes – the trainer will close the class and give you homework that you can try with your puppy at home.

As you can see, even though it is called a puppy training petsmart class, the owner of the dog is involved a lot in it. It is a good thing because it will also build a strong relationship between you and your puppy. Furthermore, the one that learns here is not only your puppy. As its owner, you also can find a lot of information about your puppy and how to treat it. So, this knowledge will help you a lot in the future, when you have another puppy.

What Should You Bring to the Training?

As we explained, you will be involved in your puppy training. Therefore, you also have to prepare various things that can help you and your puppy in the puppy training petsmart. Here are some of the items you should bring.

·        Treats – your puppy maybe doesn’t need it because they will have the most basic training. But, it is not wrong to bring it for your puppy reward to the puppy training petsmart,

·        Vaccination record – the puppy training petsmart may require you to bring it as proof that your puppy is healthy. It is necessary because your puppy will interact with other puppies in the same training room,

·        Wallet/money – yes, bring enough cash or credit card to the puppy training petsmart. Why? You will attend the class at the PetSmart building. So, you may want to buy something from their store.

Another thing you also should have is comfortable clothes. You want to let yourself feel good during the training, so your puppy also can enjoy the puppy training petsmart held. When they feel comfortable and enjoy the training, the lesson will be easier to understand by your puppy. That will give you better results at a much faster time.

Why Should You Take Puppy Training by PetSmart?

The puppy training petsmart offers various benefits for you and your dog. For example:

·        Better relationship

You and your dog can build a better relationship through the puppy training petsmart class. You also can understand your puppy better. Moreover, it helps you to master the best way to communicate with your puppy. And, it is necessary because your dog is still young. By starting to build the relationship when it is young, it will grow into a better and obedient dog.

·        Improve the sociability

The puppy training petsmart also helps your dog to create better social etiquette. With this training, your puppy will know what they can and can’t do when they grow up into adult dogs.

·        Prevent problematic behavior

By joining the puppy training petsmart since puppy age, you also can prevent problematic behavior from occurring.


Now, you are ready to take the puppy training petsmart. Make sure you prepare your puppy and yourself, as the owner, for this training program. We hope the training program will end up with the best result for you and your puppy.