Train a Puppy to Sit: Simple Tips to Follow

Train a puppy to sit is quite challenging. It is a basic skill that even many old doggies fail to fulfill. Not only tricky but training your puppy this simple command needs consistency, patience, and time. Once you are successful with the training, it will be useful for the entire life of your dog.

Train a Puppy to Sit

Training Supplies: What You Need

To train a puppy to sit needs some training supplies. These include a collar and leash. Training your dog to sit properly needs you to prepare a reflective collar. Make sure that you pick up an adjustable buckle with a heavy-duty snap. The next supply you need to prepare is delicious treats. They are helpful to keep your dog motivated in every training session. You can pick up the ones that are soft and chewy. Not only helpful for the training but the soft and chewy treats are also great for your dog’s teeth. When training your dog to sit, you also need to prepare a clicker. As an alternative, you can pick up a bridge word such as “yes”! The word will help you to connect the behavior you expect from the dog.

Choose the Location

Once you have got all the supplies, you will need a perfect location to train a puppy to sit. As a starter, you can use it indoors. These location options will provide you with less distracting space. In this way, you can have all the attention of your dog. Then, you can move to outdoor locations gradually. They will allow your puppy to train in more distracting locations. However, you need to make sure that the dog has mastered the command before you move the training location outdoors. Keep in mind that dogs can sit naturally without help. In this way, teaching your puppy to sit needs you to connect the behavior to the command.

Get on Your Dog’s Level

The next thing you do to train a puppy to sit is getting on its level. You can do it simply by kneeling or crouching on the floor. As an alternative, you can kneel or crouch in a chair just next to your puppy. After that, you have to lure the dog into the sitting position. To do this training stage successfully, you need to hold a treat close enough to the nose of your dog. Then, make sure to move the treat up and towards the rear of your puppy’s head slowly. Once your dog’s head moves to follow the treat, its back-end will lower towards the floor and ready “sitting position”. Then, you can use the bridge word and give your dog a tasty treat as a reward.

Try to Sit Longer

When your dog lowers its bottom as you say “sit”, you can start to prolong the length of time between it and giving treats as a reward. This will allow your dog to understand that whenever you say “sit”, you mean “keep sitting”. It is an important step to train a puppy to sit. In this way, you can add the time gradually once your puppy masters the trick.