Train a Puppy to Stop Biting: 5 Tricks to Follow

Train a puppy to stop biting as early as possible. This is because an adult dog that can’t stop biting will be a serious threat to other people, especially kids. Not only that, but a biting adult dog can also be a danger to other pets around it. However, teaching a dog to stop biting can be very tough. You need special tricks to stop this bad habit on your puppy. Here are 5 tips to teach your dog to stop biting effectively.

Train a Puppy to Stop Biting

#1. Hard Biting Isn’t Allowed

It is quite natural for dogs to bite and chew things around them. Also, this is tempting for dog owners to curb this habit completely from the beginning. However, you can’t just skip the chance to train a puppy to stop biting. This will make it possible for you to let your dog understand that there is a limit regarding the depth of biting. Your puppy should learn when to stop pressing against the skin before it turns painful. In this way, your dog will have a built-in inhibition against biting that can cause harm to people or other pets.

#2. Teeth on Skin Is Big No

Once your dog understands the level of pressing on skin that can cause pain, you need to make it learn that teeth on the skin are big no. In this way, you need to keep continue with the previous trick on how to train a puppy to stop biting. In this stage of puppy training, you have to go further by yelping and limping at the slightest nip. This will allow your dog that any level of teeth on the skin is prohibited. To encourage your puppy in this training session, you can prepare a treat. Close your hand and put the treat inside. Keep in mind to open your hand only when your dog is not mouthing. Not only that, but you should keep closing your hand if your puppy is pawing or chewing your fingers. This technique will show your puppy that skin and mouth don’t belong together.

#3. Use Toys as Distractions

Another useful tip on how to train a puppy to stop biting is by using toys. They can be an effective distraction for your puppy. So, instead of biting random things, the dog will only chew the toys. It is an important step since you can’t discourage your dog from biting. It is a natural behavior of puppies and discouraging them completely for doing so will not be good for them. By letting your dog chew toys, you also show it that biting toys is okay.

#5. Walk Away

To train a puppy to stop biting, you need to keep in mind that both young children and puppies have a lot of things in common. You often find it hard for both of them to focus and concentrate on lessons or training. It usually occurs when children or puppies are too excited. In this way, giving your dog a little time to calm down on its own is the best thing to do sometimes.