Training Puppy Not to Jump: Easy Steps for Beginner

Training puppy not to jump may be one of the most important things to do to make your dog obedient. However, many people don’t know how to do that effectively. For that reason, we make a simple guide to train your puppy, so it won’t jump to anyone when it greets them. Let’s start!

Training Puppy Not to Jump


The first thing you have to do for training puppy not to jump is preparing the tool for this training. You need at least three tools to effectively train your puppy.

  • Training treats as the reward after your puppy has successfully executed your command,
  • A leash or anything to control your puppy,
  • Other people will become the decoy in this puppy training program. We suggest someone that your puppy recognizes, like your friends or family.

How to Train 

Now, you have everything that you need to start the training puppy not to jump program. Here are things you need to do to start the training.

  • Bring your puppy to a wide area. We recommend outside your house and attach the leash to let it stay in one place.
  • The decoy should be standing at a further place.
  • Approach the decoy while guiding your puppy to that place.
  • If your puppy doesn’t jump, you can let the decoy reward it. However, if it is jumping when approaching the decoy, use the “oops!” command to stop it. Then, take your puppy away from the decoy.
  • Once you take the puppy away, give it basic commands, like sit or stay. You need to make it focus on you once more.

Keep doing this training puppy not to jump until your puppy does not jump naturally. If you do it regularly and continuously, it will become a habit for your puppy. When it grows bigger, you don’t have to worry anymore about this behavior.